Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Stained Concrete Patio

My mother-in-law was debating between tiling her back patio, or staining the concrete, she was really leaning towards tiling. But we were able to talk her out of it and tell her how staining is really the better choice. With tile, especially outside on your patio, you run a high risk of it cracking. From the grandchildren playing too roughly, or (and most likely) the ground shifting and settling. With the stain, if a crack does occur it won't be as noticeable as it would be with tile, but it's also a lot simpler to fix.

So my husband spent this past weekend staining my mother-in-law's back patio.
It took him about 3 days, due to waiting on drying times.

Day 1, he prepped and cleaned the concrete with Muriatic Acid,
Day 2, he put down the tape for the "grout" lines, and applied the stain, and
Day 3 he pulled up the tape and applied the sealer!!

It really was not hard at all! And he did a beautiful job!!

We used Valspar's Semi-Transparent, Exterior stain in "Vaquero Brown"

Along with a "Decks & More" sprayer that we bought at Lowe's.

Day 1 - Prep the concrete with Muriatic Acid

We used Beneath my Heart's patio makeover as a reference

Before the sealer was applied...

Applying the sealer...

Even the cat seems to enjoy the completed project!

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