Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Nested Bean Zen Sack Review

I was so excited to try out this @nestedbean Zen sleep sack, I've always been curious to try a sleep sack! If Lily were younger, I absolutely would have tried the swaddle. Both of my kids enjoyed being swaddled as newborns. But I love the safety of it! Baby can still have a blanket without the worry of them suffocating. Lily is actually a decent sleeper, but boy does she fight it! She's very particular, she wants what she wants! But her sleep routine usually involves me laying next to her, snuggling. So I was really excited and curious to see what she'd think of these! The little egg on the front is slightly weighted to add a light pressure to feel like your hand is still there. Again, I was curious as to how that worked, worrying about the "weight" and it being on her chest as she slept. The pellets are actually really light, so once I checked out the sack, I was no longer concerned. I picked the bamboo fabric one, and boy is it soft! It also doesn't make her get too hot. She wore a sleeper, and the bamboo sack over that and seemed to be the perfect temp. The first night she wasn't bothered or impressed by the sack. But I noticed that she seemed to sleep a little deeper that night. After 2 more nights, she still fought sleep but did fall asleep a little quicker! All in all, it may not be a cure all for a fussy, sleepless baby, BUT I am impressed! Excellent quality and thought put into making the product. There's a zipper that runs along the sides and bottom to make those midnight diaper changes easier. And there are shoulder snaps to make changing easy. Especially if you have a poo-plosion (which we still do, you know the runny, breast milk poo explosions 😣 yeah...) And I can't get over how soft the fabric is! I'd feel totally comfortable putting her in that sans jammies, it's THAT soft!! And again, the comfort of knowing she can still be warm and snuggly without that worry of her getting the blanket up by her face and suffocating. All in all, I'd totally recommend it! Nested Bean is offering all of my followers 15% off!! Use the code KATIE15

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